Arbor Chicago

60 east Delaware, Suite 1425 | Chicago IL 60611

Phone: (312) 944-0195 | Fax: (312) 944-0187 & (708) 798-6790

We would like to provide you with some basic instructions regarding the location and accessibility of our facility.


From Michigan Avenue Entrance:

  1. Please proceed from the Michigan Avenue entrance to the retail elevator bank at your left.
  2. From the 6th floor, exit the retail elevators and proceed to the parking elevators at the west end of the building.
  3. After walking through the revolving doors, please choose the Delaware Place elevator bank on your left (south end of the building).
  4. We are located on the 14th floor, accessed by the Delaware Place elevator bank.

From the Parking Garage of 900 North Michigan:

  1. From the elevator bank on the Walton side of the parking garage, please proceed to the 8th floor
  2. Exit the elevator on the 8th floor and walk to the Delaware Place elevator bank on your left.
  3. Enter the Delaware Place elevator bank and proceed to the 14th floor. We are located on the 14th floor.
  4. The Delaware Place elevator bank can be accessed from the north side of the parking garage.  Please use these elevators to bring you directly to the 14th floor.


  • The 900 North Michigan Self-Park has entrances on both Walton Street and Rush Street.
  • This parking is a discounted $13 for up to 3 hours for our office appointments. Please ask us for a validation coupon.

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