Dr. Lubeck featured in Fuch's Dystrophy article

Dr. Lubeck and his patient are featured in an article outlining the condition of Fuchs' Dystrophy. A loss of vision can be frightening and bewildering, but a visit to an eye care professional is the first step to treating eye conditions and preserving sight.

Someone experiencing this may ask, “Why me?” For some people, decreasing or absent vision may be a result of an uncommon disease known as Fuchs’ dystrophy, a syndrome in which the cells lining the inner surface of the cornea gradually expire.

Fuchs' dystrophy is a type of corneal dystrophy. The early clinical signs of the disease include a reduced number of endothelial cells and small lesions in the corneal endothelium, referred to as corneal guttata. Read more about Fuchs' Dystrophy ...