Dr. Neha Sangal reports on charity work in India

February 2015
Dr. Neha Sangal and a team of surgeons operated on 150 patients in India this month. Dr. Sangal reports: “It was a truly amazing experience!” We spent 6 days at the Icare Hospital in Noida which is a suburb of Delhi. Over 1,000 patients were screened and approximately 720 patients were found to have visually significant cataracts. Our team of surgeons operated on 150 of those patients helping to restore their sight. The group in charge of the charity eye work in India finds patients out in the small rural villages of India. These patients are screened using a flashlight in the villages and the ones thought to have significant cataracts are brought to the ICare hospital for further evaluation and surgery, if indicated. “This was a very rewarding experience, and I look forward to serving again in the future.”