Neha Sangal, M.D.

Specialist in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Glaucoma
Comprehensive Ophthalmology

Neha Sangal, MD is a glaucoma specialist and comprehensive ophthalmologist at Arbor Centers for EyeCare. Her interests include the medical and surgical treatment of glaucoma as well as cataract surgery. Dr. Sangal enjoys educating patients especially about glaucoma and its treatment options, and tailoring individual treatment regimens to each of her patients.

The preservation of vision is very important to Dr. Sangal. There is no better feeling than restoring a patient’s eyesight or knowing you are helping to prevent blindness. Dr. Sangal is interested in the new and innovative treatments emerging in glaucoma and works hard to provide her patients with the best care. She has participated in glaucoma screenings across Chicago to promote glaucoma awareness and has participated in research projects discussing various treatment options for the different glaucomas. Dr. Sangal’s goal is to save her patients’ vision and improve their quality of life.

Dr. Sangal grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma and moved to Boston to complete her undergraduate and medical school degrees. After completing her ophthalmology residency at the University of Chicago, she returned to Boston to pursue her fellowship in glaucoma at the Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary at Harvard Medical School. She is very excited to return to the Chicagoland area to continue to care for patients where she first began her ophthalmology career.

Outside of ophthalmology, Dr. Sangal enjoys music, dancing, watching basketball, traveling, and spending time with family.