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Our Purpose

We are an ophthalmology practice whose purpose is to provide quality medical and surgical eye care to our patients. In doing so, we will act with integrity and show respect to all those we serve. We value our relationship with each patient and will do our best to meet each patient’s needs. Thank you for placing your trust in us.

Group photos of the doctors at Arbor Centers for EyeCare

How did our doctors come together at Arbor?

Arbor Centers for EyeCare is a premier eye center in the greater Chicagoland region. Our practice has grown from the initial efforts of Lawrence Chapman, M.D. and Wendell Kapustiak, M.D. whose work ethic, outstanding patient care, and compassion are still strong roots at Arbor.

In the recent past, Drs. David Lubeck, Richard Quinones, and James Kapustiak came together as founders of the present Arbor Centers for EyeCare. David Lubeck, M.D. joined Dr. Chapman in 1989 in the Homewood area as a Cornea and Refractive Specialist. Soon thereafter, Richard Quinones, M.D. came to fill the needs of the patients with glaucoma.

James Kapustiak, M.D. joined his late father, Wendell Kapustiak, M.D. and Frank Guastella, M.D. at Southwest Ophthalmology in 1986. Dr. Wendell Kapustiak had started the practice in 1947 when he finished his ophthalmology residency after service in North Africa and Europe in World War II. Dr. Kapustiak was familiar with the quality of patient care, work effort and ethics of Drs. Lubeck and Quinones, and Southwest Ophthalmology joined Arbor in 2002. Arbor is proud to still have many patients from the 1940’s who share the stories of the kind care they received from Dr. Wendall Kapustiak. Dr. James Kapustiak became a partner of the group and continues help lead the strategic direction of the practice.

The practice continued to grow to meet the needs of our patients. In 2004, Dr. Chris Albanis joined the practice to help with general ophthalmic needs of our patients. Our Merrionette Park and Orland Park locations opened in 2004, we launched a new practice management system, and several of our current employees were hired during this time of significant growth in the practice.

Our cornea and refractive team has continued to evolve as innovations emerge in ophthalmology. Our Orland Park office houses our “all laser LASIK” suite including the Intralase and Allegreto Wavelight technologies providing outstanding precision during laser vision corrective surgery.

We are proud of our glaucoma team. Drs. Quinones, and Jain utilize the most sophisticated diagnostic, laser and surgical equipment, working hard to preserve vision of our patients.

In 2011, Arbor Centers for EyeCare was proud to welcome Dr. Shivan Tekwani who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions of the retina and vitreous.

As we continue to evolve, many things remain stable. The most important being that all of our doctors and staff continually strive to provide the best possible medical and surgical eye care to each and every one of our patients in a pleasant and caring manner.

Thank you for placing your trust in us!

What’s in a name – ARBOR?

The practice as we know it has had several names and locations in the distant past. However, Arbor Centers for EyeCare epitomizes what our vision is in caring for our patients. The name was coined by a former employee when asked to join a contest to name the practice. She was looking out the windows of the Homewood office onto the beautiful arbor of trees, and thought — ARBOR. What she didn’t realize is the significance of the word – natural beauty, inspiration, innovation, and growth. We remain fond of the name Arbor, and while we continue to grow into centers for eye care – our roots of the highest level of patient-centered care, ethics and integrity remain strong.

What is the vision/mission of Arbor?

Our goal at Arbor Centers for EyeCare is to serve the needs of the community, employing the newest and safest technologies, treating each patient with a humanistic approach while understanding their visual goals and needs, and ultimately providing the very best care in a compassionate manner. We enjoy educating our patients, their families, our colleagues and future generations of doctors. We know each patient has many choices in which doctor to see, and we are glad you are here at Arbor!

What have we learned from our patients at Arbor?

The doctors and employees at Arbor love teaching and learning. We try to learn something new from each patient to enhance our doctoring skills and learn the importance lessons in life. Thank you for teaching us! Here are some important lessons we have learned from YOU, our patients.

When asked what is the “secret” for looking so healthy at your age?

My family – “can’t beat the help and closeness of family.” DC, 84 year old, female

“Take good care of myself.” JH, 92 year old, male

“Good wife equals good life.” RD, 84 year old, male

“Having good doctors.” LM, 81 year old, female

“Work hard, rest and sleep” VA, 70 year old, male

“Just keep moving.” GH, 86 year old, female

“Enjoy life’s little pleasures.” FD, 82 year old, male

“Be careful what you eat.” RD, 79 year old, female

“Treat everyone as you would like to be treated.” 88 year old, male

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